Concorde Avenue is a french music production and publishing company.


Since 2008 Concorde Avenue is a specialist in the field of ambient,lounge,deep, downtempo music and provides a musical content to luxury and wellness organizations. There are two type of services :

As compilations ready to be spread inside the organization :

Or as musical contents dedicated to multimedia supports (website, Tv, Jingles, etc.)

The music production and publishing company Concorde Avenue is actually working with spa, hotels and radios, mostly based in Germany and in Switzerland. 


References :


Music Labels :


Ambient Domain, Bigcitybeats, Big Factory, Cinétévé, Clubstar, Coco Entertaitment, Diventa, Essential records, Ganser & Hanke, Georges V,  Embassy of Music, High Note, High Music, Imagine, Lemongrass,  Marie-Galante Production, Ministry of Sound, Music Mail, Nostrum, Passport Music, Sony Music, Soulstar, Show B, Su Casa, Stereo Deluxe, Tyranno Lounge, Universal  Music,  Vox Terrae, Avril prod. 


Corporates :


Adcom, Brasserie des Arts, Buddha Bar, Glueckundseligkeit Restaurant,  Nature et découvertes, Porche Design, Ristorante Regina Elena Westin, Wonnemeyer


Médias :


 Arte, Canal Sat, France 3, France 5, France ô, Klassik Radio, Lounge Chanel, M6


Artists :


Sambox, Julien Auclair, Bruno Vouillon, David Laloue, Gianni Tomas,  Pascal Légitimus

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